by Sine Qua Non

is it my fault to have the urge to share with you music i know you will appreciate?

but the way you eased in and settled back into that corner of my heart (shoot me) was just so smooth i didn’t hear the rest of the world crash. it was so subtle the way you tugged at the string and unwrapped my recent history. now you know how i am, albeit not fully, and i want to know how you are. we mention familiar landmarks that i assumed was part of an era we lost. but here we are, could you tell me if the engine’s back on fire? cause the laughter echoes again. the characters re-appear, the wheels turn, our thoughts run on each other, and with each imminently interested remark you throw my way my cheeks are a-flush, i could feel my face burn.

too quick, i might say. like an earthquake ripping carefully constructed walls apart. oh no, it’s all crumbling down. dust to dust.

and please, please, please don’t quip at me like that. your virtual winks and smiles, they tear me down, brick by brick.