Splinters Splitting Two Hearts Per Second

by Sine Qua Non

You know i was doing perfectly fine, sitting in this corner, making full sense and being happy with the prospect of my non-existence in your part of the universe. But there you go, hurling a rock through my window, sending cracks crawling at lightning speed through the glass sending splinters across the room, right smack at the crevices of my pulsating valve of blood.

I refuse to bleed to eradicate any trace of pain on the floor. But pain concealed is no less excruciating.

Yes, I was doing perfectly well. Formulating retorts to send you off, shoo you away. Calculating levels of indifference in a response, to maintain my stance of self-preservation. Indignant to remain at this corner, facing the wall, my back to you.

Please, not the finger tracing my spine, not your palm on my  nape, not your breath on my ear.

I’m turning away. I will turn away. I have to keep turning away.