Saturday Habit

by Sine Qua Non

it isn’t really strange. in fact it’s quite expected that despite all the attempts at eradicating you from my head i would continue to seek you. so much so that i content myself with looking at pictures of you that i do not own. what adds to the hilarity of the situation is the fact that i am doing this, seeking you, in the midst of being sought out by a number of respectfully eligible bachelors. i choose to look at poorly captured images of you whose stares are not intended for me. i content myself with seeing your face. and continue to hope that, one Saturday, i would be able to stare at it again and know that it is actually me you’re looking at and not some camera lens. and touch your face, too. now that would be ultimate.


will this ever end? i wonder. all i know is that if that Saturday comes, this habit will only continue to persist.