by Sine Qua Non

when there’s nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire


here again after so many weeks of evading, avoiding, denying, searching, trying to put meaning without overreading, hoping that there indeed will be some sense into the sensations of wanting, being wanted, hoping to be wanted. we are still and quiet. while we say so much and leave so many other things unsaid. it is unfortunate that i cannot gaze into your eyes at the very moments the night calls for it. the answers i seek cannot be sent through mobile. a blinking screen cannot give light to the true questions of my heart. if we had wanted to see each other, then why has it not taken place? why the need to play safe? is it the time, but time moves as it should. it is mankind that fails to control it the way true souls would.


i keep telling myself something better will come. someone, rather. but in my heart of hearts, in the future i imagine, it is still you. only, you will choose me this time.