live through this and you won’t look back

by Sine Qua Non

i’ve been sitting here for close to thirty minutes singing the same song over and over again, imagining that you were sitting right in front of me and chuckling at my a capella version of Stars’ Your Ex-Lover Is Dead.

And when i get to that part when I have to sing that there’s one thing I want to say so I’ll be brave, when I croak out the words you were what I wanted it cuts through you like a knife and then you start bleeding on my feet while I take sweet time to finish the rest of the song. as i end it with i’m not sorry there’s nothing to save i read from the look in your eyes the same words in the song that say now you’re outside me you see all the beauty repent all your sin. it’s called regret but it is not really too late. we get knocked down by a couple of harsh truths in carefully written lyrics but we get back up again with another song that could save us.

or you keep bleeding. my hands are stained with your blood and my face wet with your tears. listen to the instruments poke fun at what we have. or what we don’t.

i’m not sorry there’s nothing to save. i’m not sorry. there’s nothing to save.