7 Go-To Plays For The Awkward Daters

by Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog


7 Go-To Plays For The Awkward Daters

1. Jump Out To An Early Lead, Then Kill The Clock.

Start the date with prepared jokes and statements — ones that you may or may not have gotten on the Internet. They’ll make you come off more intelligent or witty than your tongue-tying nerves typically allow. Once you’ve used your best material, proceed to milk the brownie points you’ve earned by playing it safe and saying/doing very little. Ideally you’ll have done enough positive in the first few minutes to earn a second date, allowing you to do pretty much nothing but exist for the latter portion of the rendezvous.

2. Play Conservatively

When you meet, will there be a handshake or a hug? If it’s a hug, will it be like a full on bring it in chest smush, or a side shoulder, one arm type deal? Fundamentally sound awkward daters know not to initiate the first greeting…

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