when the loss becomes yours

by Sine Qua Non

sorrow will envelop me and rock me gently until it has emptied me of all that i’ve known about you and me and no longer will your kisses tamper my memory and my breathing will steady itself in that vacuum of your absence and when the isles of this country you’ve broken surface from the river flowing of forgetting your footprints will be washed away from the shores you will never know of anymore

my farewell is gradual and finite dressed in crisp oversized shirts of evenings we’ve left outside the door

when the elevator door opens, it will be the last way through and out you will find me in the mirror staring back at the spot where i am no longer beside you.

at that point you will reach out and know

i am no longer beside you

i am no longer beside you when you know you own the truth

i am no longer beside you

becasue i am within