Dear Ker

by Sine Qua Non

I think I ought to write to you directly now, here. In the hopes of finally gaining some peace of mind at least for me to be able to sleep this night away. If I have to do this every evening until I get so sick and tired of doing so, then I will.

Never mind that you’ll find this blog and find out all my thoughts. At the moment, no one else actually knows this blog exists. Maybe my best friend and my roommate but I don’t think they would care enough to remember. Plus in the digital universe, this blog exists as nothing but a dump of all the thoughts I don’t really want to share to mankind. But that I need to get off my chest.

First off, you’re quite a jerk.

The least you could do is man up and give me an answer. You owe me that courtesy to say the least. And, yrs, no matter what your too-cool-to-care mind would think, I don’t deserve to be treated the way you did.

Operating on anger here, yes. I wish I could scream this to your face right now and follow it up with a splash of vodka. But some other girl will spill that vodka on your shirt tonight.

And then in a few weeks time you’ll jerk up (oops, yeah, well Freudian quip, not slip, intended) on her. If she’s lucky, maybe even months.

Jerk. I hate you tonight. I’ll let the feeling simmer for now. It’ll help me deal.









But who am I to expect that from you, right? Damn right.