we should be talking

by Sine Qua Non

about how groove armada is just a wonderful cap to monday afternoons after a series of pink floyd albums. then we can talk about sunday and how wolf of wall street missed the mark by a very small margin – two displaced sequences and 4 unnecessary scenes to be exact. and then we’ll flirt a little and flourish in flattery and be sweet and sultry. we’ll plan where our next dinner will be. probably which drug to poke our noses into and how you plan to intoxicate me. and the hours will pass and suddenly it’s night time and you’re trying to put me to sleep with another new song. or keep me awake with your own troubles. all i know is that it would be better if i lay down with your rather than away from you on nights like this.


but on this night there is no you and i. no conversation, no plans. just another hopeless call for another chance,


i love you but

you dont love me